SKIN GAME by Bo Bleu


Bisexual scam artists, Eric and Elle, have a marriage of convenience: for fun and profit they work the New Orleans French Quarter preying on tourists!

Adam and Kim Ashlay, while winding up a honeymoon tour en route home to Massachusetts are 'picked up' by Eric and Elle. Eric seduces Adam while on a sailing afternoon adventure, and Elle seduces Kim to the joy of the young wife. While the sexual escapades are first time events for Adam and Kim, the delight as well as the confusion sets off a complex of relationships for Adam and Kim.

Kim has been shown an alternate lifestyle which she intends to exploit but she has to proceed with caution as Adam Ashlay is part of his hometown tradition having ancestors that go back to the Mayflower. The permissive attitudes toward gay practices of consenting adults have not yet been realized in 'back woods' New England. Kim Ashlay's beauty is her undoing.

Adam's boss, Stewart Prescott, 'promotes' Adam into a job the young married man cannot handle and extreme stress is put on the marriage. By coercion, Stewart is successful in gaining the sexual favors of Adam's wife and later enjoys a gay fling with Adam himself while on a drunken weekend party. Kim is seduced by Candace McNeely, wealthy widow and lesbian gadabout ... and the die is set!

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Categories Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction , Thrill
Author Page Bo Bleu's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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