"BDSM and romance that leaves the reader entranced!" That's how Fallen Angels Review describes the work of Lady Blade.

From the critically acclaimed author of Mistress: The Awakening of a Soul comes Lady Blade's best novel yet. When young Lord Richard of Carabas is sold into slavery, he knows his options are limited. His only hope is to be bought by a kind owner. But this is not to be; his new owner is the hell-bitch Tresta, with a penchant for inflicting pain and humiliation.

Tresta's weak-willed husband, who she has long dominated, allows her free reign with her playthings. Lord Richard discovers Tresta is inhumanly evil, torturing him for her pleasure and his seed. But it's her daughter Alaya, who, though kind gentleness, preserves his sanity over the course of his year as a slave to her mother's demands.

But when Alaya is is sold into slavery by the cruel Tresta... can the young lord survive Tresta and escape to rescue his beloved -- or will he lose her forever?

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