SLAVE TO THE MOB by Rebecca Lash


Ginger is desperate to marry Matt. But times are hard, and jobs few and far between. Ginger ends as a waitress in a restaurant favored by Tony Siciliano, notorious local mobster kingpin, who into gambling, the protection racket and prostitution. Tony has Ginger kidnapped and "trained" into obedience during a humiliating and terrifying gang rape. Highlights of her new career are jumping nude out of a cake naked at a bachelor party, being beaten in the chain locker of a yacht, being paraded naked through the very restaurant where she worked and being promoted to Tony's "moll" and bookkeeper. Through it all, Ginger never loses her determination to escape, and though she has been misused, beaten and insulted, her spirit is never broken and she emerges triumphant.

Set in 1932 in Iowa and Chicago, this is an authentic picture of those times, which is also a picture of our own times today.

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Categories Thrill , Submission , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
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