SLAVE WOMEN OF THE CZAR: Two Complete Novels – Grushenka & Three Times a Woman by Anonymous


The Complete Classic of Victorian Bondage Erotica - Both Volumes - First Time Ever in one Inexpensive ebook!

The Russian Story of O! A beautiful young serf woman struggles to escape the cruel life of slavery imposed upon her by a powerful master. First, she is sold into slavery and used as a toy. Then her resistance has her sent to the torture chambers where she is subjected to whipping and other ordeals in an effort to tame her rebellious spirit. Escaping, she finds her only haven is Russia's most famous brothel. At first, she is forced to endure the sexual cruelties of both men and women, but ultimately rises becomes the brothel's Madam, whose knowledge of their intimate secrets gives her the kind of power over the nobility that they once exercised over her!

As Robert Kramer, M.D. wrote in the Introduction to the first U.S. edition, the book "was written late in the eighteenth century just prior to the Communist Revolution. It reflects the total debasement of human existence in a society where a human being was considered property. It also reflects the corruption of the nobility arising out of its total power over the serfs living in feudal Russia."

An erotic classic with a strong social message.

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