SNATCHED by Guytano


Lesbian Lovers on Opposite Sides of the Law!

Catherine Amanda Thomas - otherwise known as Cat - is a high-priced thief working for a wealthy investment advisor with a penchant for collecting erotic jewelry. A wealthy collector, who has his eyes on an ultimate collectible to be had from a well-known singer, dispatches Cat to steal it for him.

Carla Belladonna is one of the bright, white hopes of the Golden State Police Department, but just now her life is a mess because she's just discovered a video of her boyfriend, Michael, a state prosecutor, having sex with other women.

Carla's police instincts lead her to confrontation with Cat just as she is about to steal the singer's trophy. Cat goes free, and the two soon fall in love. When Carla discovers Michael is corrupt, her life is endangered and it is up to the cop and the cat burglar to get the proof before Michael gets them.

Along the way they will meet Felix Rodriguez, a bodybuilding detective from the vice squad; a beautiful transsexual woman named Guida; Cyren, the international singing sensation who is also Cat's target, and other unforgettable characters from the mind of the author known only as "Guytano."

Snatched is superior erotica full of sex, plot twists, juicy dialogue and plenty of kink, set against a glamorous background of New York high rise hotels, Atlantic City casinos and the glitzy Las Vegas Strip.

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Categories Thrill , Submission , Attraction - Lesbian , Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction
Author Page Guytano's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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