Voluntary slavery. Pleasurable torture. Freedom in restraint. Good girls don't. In Something Just Clicked, a compilation of short stories and novellas, Adrian Hunter escorts his readers on a bewitching journey through the contradictions, complications, and conflagrations of erotic power exchange, where society's rules are replaced by something far more delectable for those obliged to obey their demons.

This volume includes "The Rubbermaid Chronicles," the amazing adventures of a young girl who becomes intimately acquainted with the myriad definitions of "service." It also features edgier works like "Knotical," and two stories that celebrate the Christmas season, "Claustrophobia" and "Silent Knight."

"Temporarily," and its sequel, "Distemporarily," document the travails of Samantha, an aspiring executive who is forced to submit to the machinations of her demented assistant Marla and the loquacious charms of her niece Trixie, described as a cross between the Marquis de Sade and Eloise.

Something Just Clicked concludes with the historical novella "Odalisque." Set in Turkey in the late 1800s, it's the saga of Nairda, the aga of the janissary, who must train a kidnapped American woman to service the sultan. Unfortunately, his elite force decides to stage a coup at the same time, leaving him vulnerable to complications worthy of the gods themselves.

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About the Author

The master of BDSM erotica, Adrian Hunter’s smooth and kinky bondage stories explore both the beauty and the beast of BDSM through the eyes of its participants. His award-winning bondage books are populated with unforgettable characters and searing scenes that capture the tension, the confusion and the compulsion of men who are driven to dominate, and the women who submit to their darkest desires.

Adrian Hunter’s electrifying BDSM fantasies push the envelope of propriety, if not sanity, with dazzling visions of a distant world right next door, where relentless sexual torment is the prize, not the punishment.

Hunter´s short stories, novellas, essays and poetry have appeared in dozens of erotica compilations, publications and webzines, including MASTER/slave, Clean Sheets, Prometheus and Darker Pleasures. Anthologies of his work include: Chain Reaction; Come True; Crash Your Party Dress; and Something Just Clicked. He has also co-authored two full-length novels with Chelsea Shepard: Association and Once Bitten. His latest bdsm thriller, Ace of Slaves, was published in 2003. In 2000, he was the recipient of the "Best Bondage Writer" award from SIGNY.

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