SOPHIE’S WISDOM by Rikki de la Vega


Scientist, philosopher, lover – Sophie Giuliani had a full life indeed. As a molecular biologist, she was frequently called upon to help solve all sorts of medical riddles, even criminal mysteries. As a member of the Free Spirit Connection, she shared her views on ethics and sex-positive feminism with the people around her. And as a sensual domina, she enjoyed the service of a coterie of adoring submissives, as well as rewarding them with all sorts of carnal pleasures.

These next few weeks would be busy. One submissive would leave for another city, while a new one was eager to join her household. Meanwhile, Stallbrook’s police and the county Medical Examiner would need her help with identifying a body that had just been discovered after more than twenty years. And the Free Spirits would want her to represent them in the formation of a coalition with like-minded groups, even though that idea still didn’t sit well with others.

Yes, Sophie would be busy – but she had the intellect and the determination to do it all. And there would be time to enjoy all sorts of pleasures while she did!

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