SORCERESS OF THE MISTED ISLE [Gadifriald’s Saga #1] by T. J. Lazier


Erotic Fantasy-Adventure with a BDSM Twist!

In the grand tradition of bondage and domination in fantasy that begins with Robert E. Howard, but far more explicit, here is a novel whose time has come.

When Cari, princess of the Triple Realm is captured and enslaved by the evil sorceress of the Misted Isle, she begins what may be a lifetime of harsh training to become a cowering sex slave. Her only hope is her lover, Gadifriald Lokkasson, son of the hero Lokka, grandson of a powerful jarl and is raised to rule and follow in his father's footsteps as a hero. The wizard Fym and Gadi lead a small fleet and force of warriors to the Misted Isle and launch an attack against the Sorceress and her mystic arts. Erotic escapades and dangerous intrigues ensue.

Of this unique story, the author writes, "As usual I drew a lot of my inspirations from the work of Robert Howard with some Fritz Leiber thrown in. Also drew a lot of inspiration from things like Prince Valiant and the herioc Anglo-Saxon and Norse sagas and stories. This story is darker than my Swordmage Cycle, set in a harsher world with more bdsm and the like."

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