SORCERESS OF THE MISTED ISLE [The Complete Gadifriald’s Saga #1, Paperback Edition] by T.J. Lazier


The First Four Gadifraild Novellas in One Volume!

Erotic fantasy-adventure with a B&D twist! If Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber wrote erotica, it would be Gadifriald's Saga. In the grand tradition of bondage and domination in fantasy that begins with Robert E. Howard and is upheld—far more explicitly!—by T. J. Lazier, Sorceress of the Misted Isle is a novel whose time has come.

The holy crusaders known as the Brotherhood of the Holy Sword, led by Mengia, the wicked sorceress of the Misted Isle, are besieging the Northern realms of Stoneshoreland, Antilia, and Freyrland. Convinced their cause is right, the crusaders are determined to bring the true religion to the barbarous, wicked, pagan people of the Northland—even if they have to massacre every last man, woman and child do it! And they have their god's nearly all-powerful winged angels to help them in their conquest. Before very long, it seems as if Cari, Gadi, Rosalia and their companions' only choice is whether to perish by sword, sex, or sorcery.

Contains the novellas Sorceress of the Misted Isle, The Bear of Stoneshoreland, Brotherhood of the Holy Sword, and The Angel of Antilia.

"Packed with fantasy, characters, erotically steamy sex scenes and a hero that will make many a woman's mouth water. I highly recommend it."
—Mary Kirkland, Associated Content

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About the Author

T.J. Lazier was born in Idaho and living without television for many of his early years instilled a love of books and stories in him, while days spent roaming the forest and mountains inspired his imagination. Being a huge fan of Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber's sword and sorcery – and enjoying erotic series such as Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty, T.J. Lazier attempts to combine these influences in his bestselling erotic fantasy series The Swordmage Cycle and Gadifriald’s Saga.

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