SOUL KISS: The Confessions Of A Homoerotic Vampire by Alexander Renault


Cuthbert is an immortal, gay, and sexually ravenous member of the undead. Historically accurate, Soul Kiss tells an enthralling story set against backdrops of differing cultures from ancient Egypt to the Greco-Roman era, from medieval Cornwall to Civil War Philadelphia, as Cuthbert searches for identity through erotic pleasure.

From musings on existential questioning to the value of immortality itself, Renault guides his reader through a gripping maze of passion, lust, and sexual obsession. The tale of Cuthbert’s journey ends in modern America at a dwelling on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. After a series of emotionally empty sexual encounters, Cuthbert must face the truth -- who he is and what it means to be both gay and immortal.

The renowned contemporary poet Antler says Alexander Renault's work shows a "heightened eros awareness." We think you'll agree.

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About the Author

The late Alexander Renault was a gay male anthologist who published in multiple genres from pet magazines to feminist newspapers, on philosophical issues from freedom of speech to the intersections of religion and sex, on human subjects from survivors of the Holocaust to popular music’s rock goddesses. Renault described himself as a "tenacious Gemini with penchants for feminism and psychology."

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