SPACE ANGELS #3: Breeding Grounds by Rex Morgenthal


This third installment of Rex Morgenthal's saucy BDSM SF series takes a decidedly more romantic turn as the bodacious captives from Earth find themselves marooned on an alien world.

Together with their fellow prisoner and sometime boy-toy Terry Benson, our heroines must try and survive the rigors of a hostile new planet, all the while eluding the diabolical MFs, the alien race that tried to enslave them in the first place. Separated from her companions, Terry's old flame, small-town girl Emily Hauer, finds herself falling for the seductive charms of a captivating and physically beautiful newcomer. Calling himself Manfred, he tells Emily he has been waiting for her for centuries. But is he alien or human? Manfred claims his only desire is to serve her every want and need - but soon Emily begins to suspect there could be a darker purpose to Manfred's unwavering devotion.

Die-hards for the original books will be well-satisfied: expect to find the usual menacing mechanized alien predators, mutant carnivores, blindly obedient sex-bots, and the return of a whimsical and mischievous artificial intelligence that fans of the series will remember well. Gear up for a thrilling ride as the Space Angels embark on another wild journey into the unknown. The Space Angels saga continues with its rollicking tale of bondage, science fiction and sensuality!

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