SPOILS OF WAR by D.W. Collins


An erotic fantasy like no other! Spoils of War shows not just that D.W. Collins is a great writer, but that he has the power to reach the inner depths of readers' longing for BDSM!

The stunningly beautiful Rebecca, Princess of Kor, watched in horror as her father was cut down in battle by the troops of the ruthless King Amos of Zoopor. The beautiful princess was captured by Tristan, Amos’s faithful captain, and forced to march naked into Zoopor where she was made to watch the women of Kor sold at auction. There, he presented her as a gift for King Amos.

Amos obeyed an old scripture: he had the princess stripped and isolated in his harem. When Rebecca’s month of naked segregation was complete, Amos made her his wife. He put her and his favorite, Asenath, into direct sexual competition the very next night.

Rebecca is plunged into the world of palace intrigue.  When she unexpectedly holds Amos’s life in her hands, she faces a dangerous decision that could lead to her undoing.

Author D.W. Collins gets the story off to a exciting start, and a fast pace that never lets up.

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About the Author

D. W. Collins writes:

"I live on an island on one of the great lakes with my long-suffering life partner. My neighbors are a colorful lot. Most leave in the winter so I have lots of time to write. Their antics regularly inspire story ideas in my overly active imagination.

Most of my stories come from life experiences, the rest are fantasies.

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