SPRING FEVER & Other Lesbian Encounters by Jean Roberta


"Jean Roberta's writing is clean and crisp and a pleasure to read." —Zander Vine, Goodreads

Here is a new collection of stories about women-loving women getting acquainted, falling in love, losing their illusions, and regaining hope for the future. Some of these stories have been published before, and some are still virginal. Some are about desire, and some are about satisfaction.

Although most of this collection fits loosely into the category of contemporary erotic romance, there is some historical fiction, some fantasy, and a ghost story. I’m never sure exactly where ghosts fit in because all fiction is believable on some level, and completely unreal by definition. Readers have a spectrum of beliefs about unseen spirits—and about deep soul connection, for that matter--and belief can waver from one moment to the next.

Regarding gender, all the major characters in these stories are women. Never fear. The men don’t take over. Our progress is currently challenged by a rising tide of hate toward everyone who is not a heterosexual white man in the top income bracket, but just as an exuberant bag of popcorn can’t return to being a handful of kernels, lesbians or queer women aren’t likely to go back to the invisibility of yesteryear.

What can be imagined can’t be unseen. Welcome to the world of Jean Roberta's imagination.

"Roberta’s short fiction is often hyper-realistic and emotionally intense. Having read it, I have a new appreciation for her versatility—as well as for that of her characters." —Amazon 5-star review

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About the Author

“Jean Roberta” once promised her parents not to use their unusual family name for her queer and erotic writing, and thus was born her thin-disguise pen name. She torments the young by teaching mandatory first-year English courses in a Canadian university, where she is also a consulting editor for the literary journal.

Jean immigrated to Canada from the United States as a teenager with her family. In her last year of high school, after two years of life in Canada, she won a major award in a national student writing contest. In 1988, a one-woman publisher in Montreal published a book of Jean’s lesbian stories, Secrets of the Invisible World. When the publisher went out of business, the book went out of print.

With encouragement from lesbian friends who wanted to see more explicit sex in her fiction, she began sending out her erotica in 1998. Since then, her diverse erotic stories have appeared in over eighty print anthologies, not including magazines and websites. Jean’s true “coming-out” story appears in Up All Night: Adventures in Lesbian Sex; other autobiographical stories are “The Trouble with Claws,” in Best Women’s Erotica 2003 and “Gabrielle’s Fountain” in First-Timers: True Stories of Lesbian Awakening.

Find Jean on her website at jeanroberta.com

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