SPRINGS by Angela Caperton


EPPIE winning author's classic short novel of a strange box that sings one woman into a world of erotic nightmares transcending time and flesh...

Cherie writes music for video games. When the lead composer on the hot sequel to her company's hit game dies in a freak accident, Cherie bets her own sweet ass to her boss that she can write him a masterpiece. With her job on the line, a mysterious gift arrives: a music box, opening up a world of dark inspiration, erotic excess, and forbidden pleasure.

Set in the unlikely world of video game design, Springs is a sharp-edged story of black magic and sexual obsession.

"Springs is a horror novelette that you can read in one sitting ... I enjoyed Springs a lot ... It’s told in the third person, from Cherie’s point of view. We get inside her head even when it turns disturbing. This is an erotic horror story, containing passages of a sexual nature crafted to arouse. Springs was written by a woman but it feels very much like men’s erotica. However, Angela Caperton does not neglect the horror for the sex. She spends time setting up the story, showing Cherie’s struggle to find the music and exploring her character before the music box arrives and soon after the first sex scene. Two thirds of the way in the story, Cherie begins to have flashbacks ... With the flashbacks, the story takes a darker turn. Cherie’s motivations for having sex with multiple partners, becomes understandable, and disturbing. The revelation at the end ... was delightfully chilling." -Horror eBooks Review

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About the Author

Angela Caperton's fiction is erotic, eclectic, and always surprising. Look for her stories in publications as diverse as Violet Blue's Best Women's Erotica 2010, Rachel Kramer Bussel's Peep Show, and the indy magazine Out of the Gutter.

Born in Virginia and raised on a sailboat, Caperton has spent extended periods of her life traveling and living abroad. Her travels have given her an appreciation of the world in all its forms and she is always on the lookout for the next adventure.

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