STEREOPTICON [The Snap Shot Series] by M. Millswan


A unique take on romantic erotica! A series of books written by M. Millswan, the Silver Clitorides award finalist, about men who experience romantic memories or romantic events when they encounter old photographs.

In this tale, a photographer on holiday buys an antique stereopticon camera, as well as a stereopticon print of a ravishing, nude girl taken almost a century ago. When he takes the camera home, he finds that with the snap of the shutter he somehow becomes a part of the picture and ends up making love to the ravishing nude.

Not sure if the erotic encounter he's just had is a dream, a hallucination or reality, he tries another test exposure, only to find himself reliving his own past, given a new opportunity with a lost love from his youth. Faced with proof that these are real experiences somehow recorded by the stereopticon, he takes the ultimate risk in trying to create an image that might even bring back the dead and change his love life forever.

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