STOP, THIEF! [A Bette Bricker Adventure] by Bo Bleu


When lesbians are in peril, call Bette Bricker to the rescue!

Not realizing what they are getting into, Bette Bricker and her partner, Soline, take what appears to be the simple assignment of delivering a unique motor prototype on their schooner, Shanghai Joe. But it soon becomes evident that completing the assignment may be their only ticket to getting back home alive.

Caught in the crossfire as rival gangs fight to protect or steal the prototype, Bette must outwit both sides and elude the ever-tightening net Interpol is closing around the operation. Can Bette come up with a way for her, Soline, Margot and Sten to make their escape and enjoy the bank account they've accumulated, or will they become victims of an international sex trafficking syndicate?

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About the Author

Bo Bleu attended Tulane University in his hometown and has traveled widely where his whims might take him. He has an appetite for the erotic and the bizarre in writing and movies. He has been writing since high school with hundreds of articles published in newspapers and magazines. Bo Bleu also writes for Reluctant Press as ‘Monica James’ and Mags Inc. under yet another name.

All Bo Bleu’s writing strives for a strong story presented in “reader-friendly” format. He feels that a writer’s goal is to entertain and explore ideas but also, basically, to provide a satisfying story. Rarely does a reader of his work have to stop and look up a word. He claims that does little more than slow the story and is often guaranteed to lose the reader’s interest.

Categories Thrill , Attraction - Lesbian , Attraction
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