What is his power?

Rowena meets the enigmatic man called Dublin but their relationship is not what she expects: the young woman alternating between hate and desirous love. Evasion and absence only makes her more enamored for this mysterious man. He talks of teaching, and obedient students, refusing to see Rowena, sending an emissary to test her sexual barriers.

Time leads to her giving in to his unspoken demands: if she wants to learn his secret and discover her true self, then she must submit to a stranger.

A tale of subservience, sensual schooling, all infused in a fascinating exploration into the human psyche: Rowena seeks her way into submission, seeing it as the only route to pleasing this fascinating man, even if it means humiliation and sexual surrender to other men and women in the bizarre house where the Master presides and whose word is law. After many trials she begins to find she is addicted to his sexual demands, and comes to adore surrendering her body to him and his acolytes. Rowena becomes the searching, seeking submissive.

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