Bestselling bondage author Powerone's unforgettable novel of an eerie submission!

Faith is a writer of the supernatural for Playhouse magazine; her success is mixing the legends with juicy sex. But she doesn't just describe ghosts, she also speaks directly to them. With a gift of otherworldly communication inherited from her mother, Faith can see the spirits, interact with them—and has even been possessed by them erotically.

Faith finds the eerie forty-room mansion of Bondage House irresistible. It reeks of the strict master that perished there fifty years ago—yet is still powerful enough to enslave the living women who dare defy him from across the veil. She searches the house for this ghostly dominant, and finds his presence waiting for her in secret rooms that were built to enslave his submissives. Finding everything she seeks and more, Faith is bound in strange devices—the pillory, the crypt at the family cemetery, the spanking machine, and the barrel. The rooms grow cold, thick clouds appear and begin to take shape. She feels her body surrounded by a cold thickness that can only mean one thing. Soon, she is taken hard and powerfully in every possible way. Will Faith’s unsatisfied yearning for bondage finally be fulfilled by something stronger than a human hand?

Intense bondage as only bestselling author Powerone can write it.

Powerone’s bondage novels are “well crafted [and] meant to get you off. The scenes don’t feel rushed nor leave us waiting to get to the 'good parts'…moves effortlessly through them with fantastic results. Chock full of re-readable scenes that makes it worth its money for sure.” —Goodreads

A shorter, somewhat different version was published as Ghost Master.

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