SWEET JUSTICE by David Jewell


To Him Her Transformation from Self-Centered to Submissive is Sweet Justice!

Jason Sparks is a police detective fed up with his strong-willed wife Lynnzy's attitude that the sun revolves around her. But in spite of her character flaws, he still loves her.

When Carlos Velasquez, a new narcotics detective, tells Jason that his wife used to be a lot like Lynnzy until he discovered the secret for marital happiness: having a submissive wife. Then Carlos takes Jason home and gives him a hands-on demonstration of the joys and benefits of having a wife that is submissive in every sense of the word, including ordering her to service Jason.

After witnessing Vanessa's complete submission to her husband and to him, Jason learns about MIST: an organization that teaches women to be submissive. Soon Jason joins MIST and gives it permission to go ahead to mold and change his wife from being self-absorbed to being submissive.

Kidnapped by her husband, Lynnzy proves herself to be a challenge. But, although resistant to her training at first, Lynnzy finds herself slowly becoming addicted to sexual submission. To Jason, her transformation from being self-centered to submissive, is indeed sweet justice.

(Series previously titled "Sweet Revenge")

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