SWEET NOTHINGS 2: More Tales of Women in Search of Fulfillment by Randall Lang

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Unforgettable, Pulse-Stirring Romantic Erotica!

Sweet Nothings #2 is a second collection of stories guaranteed to stir your emotions, especially if you identify with the memorable women at the center of these stories. They're seeking fulfillment -- and they find it!

In "Jessie's Threesome," a woman fulfills a long-cherished secret desire. In "On the Night Bus," a disciplined, organized businesswoman finds a sudden encounter may completely change her image of herself. In "Special Treatments," an older woman finds her attraction to a much younger man is returned. In "Car Sex," a couple discovers a surprising way to spice up their marriage.

Also included are: "For Love of Charlotte," "Roy," "Fertility Cocktail," and "Our First Encounter."

As the author writes in his Introduction: "True sexual excitement is not about the sex act, but rather starts with a glance -- a smile -- a note -- a flower -- or whatever may open the door to that magical interaction between men and women."

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