She Loved Her Master - Not Her Husband!

Marie has a submissive side and her husband seems to have no interest in dominating her. So she finds a Master - and her life and her husband's life are about to change forever. Master Erik Saunders has a penchant for slaves who are married: he likes taking full control of them and indirectly of their husbands in regards to their sex life.

Marie, his favorite, had been gone on vacation to Mexico for two weeks, and he was eager to continue her training. In addition, after her return, he gives her a new nightie that she is to wear every time she has sex with her husband with the instructions that she is to think of him while she does: the purpose in doing so was to keep her mindful of his ownership and of her commitment to serve him.

And that's only the beginning! Only David Jewell, author of more than three dozen bestsellers of BDSM, could have written this sensational saga of Sweet Slave Marie.

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