Stuck in a loveless marriage with no hope of divorce, she was also stuck in a rut, with no hope of change. Then she committed one daring act, wearing a sexy perfume, with a naughty name. Soon she was breaking the greatest taboo she knew, lovemaking outside marriage. And she discovered all that was missing in her life: excitement, pleasure, fulfillment. But could she juggle two lives and keep them separate? Or would they collide?

Set in the nineteen fifties, Tabu is the story of an era of luscious suburban housewives, each striving to please her man as the ideal of femininity and beauty: the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect woman. Yet it was also a time when a woman's appetite for sex was strictly taboo. In this insightful erotic novel, one such woman shares her steamy confession, revealing her secret desires, her most illicit fantasies, and what she dared do to break these taboos and make her fantasies come true.

Intensely erotic in her longing to savor the taste of forbidden fruit, Tabu is a story of a woman risking everything to fulfill her most lustful fantasies. The essence and the aroma of Tabu is every bit as sultry and steamy as the perfume she wore -- especially when her perfume was the only thing she wore. Steamy scenes of romantic lovemaking highlight this exceptional novel by the author of Lady Luck. This novel strips the 1950s of its wholesome Leave it to Beaver veneer to reveal the sensuality, sin and pain that lay beneath.

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About the Author

Michael Millswan is the author of over one dozen books, many of them erotica.

He lives in Texas and enjoys sailing, among other hobbies.

Millswan writes, "Isaac Asimov gave me great advice about what it takes to become an author. Corresponding with him was always as flattering as it was educational and inspirational. My first best-seller, Farlight, was a science fiction novel. From the success of Farlight I have expanded into the genres of Horror and Erotica.

"It was surely destiny that I moved into the field of Erotica. While owning and operating a white water lodge in the jungles of Costa Rica, my wife and I were victims of a tropical storm. With our business destroyed, she was forced to return to the States while I stayed behind to guard our remaining property. Almost completely cut off from the world, each week I penned her a handwritten letter. After a while I had the idea to begin writing her a story expressing how much I missed her. She saved each chapter, and once we were reunited she urged me to try to get it published. The rest is history, as the historical romance I wrote for her, Rolling the Bones, helped me to become established as a professional author."

"When people claim they are only human," he says, "it's usually because they have been making beasts of themselves."

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