TAKEN UNAWARE: A Novelette of Sex Compelled by Sascha Illyvich


From the author they call "The Bad Boy of Romance."

While taking a bath, a woman is taken unaware from behind by a forceful man whose face she never sees. She can't help responding even when she is bound. And wonders, can she really be turned on like this by an utter stranger, or might it be her husband pretending to be a rapist for some reason of his own? A Hot-Flash Novelette.

Cover: by T.L. Mars

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Author Bio

Proclaimed by the Publishing industry as the Bad Boy of Romance, Sascha Illyvich started writing twelve years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under the Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s Recommended Read list, as well nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio.

Sascha Illyvich writes romance, erotica and romantic erotica. As an author of erotica he is probably best known for his novels of bondage and discipline published by Sizzler Editions.

Praise for the Novels of Sascha Illyvich

"Dunno why, but I Will Submit to You, Master has an eerie, surreal aura hanging around it. A great performance." --Jimmy Jump, BDSMlibrary.com

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"... one of the BEST stories EVER posted on Literotica, and I've been a fan here for years!" --Anonymous in the South

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"Mr. Illyvich has given us an erotic view into what seems to be an exclusive world of control and possessiveness." --Hollie, Coffee Time Romance


Sascha and I are personal acquaintances on Twitter. And as he is trying to give me another book for review, I decided to look him up on Amazon.com and see what exactly he had out there that just might tantalize my taste buds. I read the summary on each book, and when I found Taken Unaware, I knew it was for me. I fell in love immediately with the description. So I bought it, as well as the other book, that he wants me to review.

Naturally I read this one first, in forty minutes I might add. I couldn't put the darn thing down. And trust me, I had full intentions of doing so, because I was laying in bed, tired and ready to go to sleep. My husband beside me snoring, here I am reading.

Big mistake. Its a seductive book. Her name is Dee. What is my nickname? Yeah, you got it. So she's waiting for her husband. Goes into take a bath because she's sweaty hot, remembering her home town in Hawaii, missing the clear waters that she could just dive into and bask in when she had gotten too hot. So she climbs into her tub to relax.

Rory, her husband, won't be home for a while. After laying there for a bit, she lathers her hair, stands to rinse off the suds, and from behind her someone comes in, and he won't allow her to see him. He promises not to rape her, but to be her gentle lover.

She is in fear at first, but he whispers in her ear, and lo and behold her body doesn't cooperate with the desire to fight him away. She doesn't understand because she considers everything about sex dirty—an idea that has caused problems all through her marriage with Rory.

The sexy-sounding stranger promises only to be gentle and to be her lover, tells her how beautiful she is, and how he has longed for her.

The book is not what you think. Trust me, you too, will be impressed, and your sexual impulses will be aroused. This book is everything I dreamed it would be and more! I give it five stars and would give it more and if I could! I adored this book, and suggest that you, if you like to read erotica, go out and buy this book immediately! It is amazing!

—Deneale K. Williams, Deneale's Book Buzz!

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