TAKING PAINS: When Women Rule #1 by W. G. Ames


A Brand Spanking New Future!

It's been almost 50 years since The Change: when women took full charge of the planet's affairs. When Victoria Sealavender gets caught masturbating during a hairdressing appointment, Marge, her pert, outdoorsy, no-nonsense beautician, introduces her to the perverse pleasures of erotic woman-on-woman spanking.

Made to take her first-ever adult licking with a switch, Vicky is launched on an exquisitely painful journey of self-fulfillment. As this nouveau-spanko odyssey unfolds, we observe the intricate disciplinary rites and social mores of a female-dominated future world. It's a society where mandatory gender-specific birth control has left women entitled to take their heterosexual pleasures only once a moon at local tryst houses, where males are communally whelped and raised for service as boy toys or houseboys or striptease dancers; where daughters are strictly brought up by both a birth and a partner mom; where girls are taken through their first flowerings into womanhood by a designated guide, and where complex norms of proper behavior are rigidly (and corporally) enforced.

We follow Vicky as she undergoes a birthday spanking to top all birthday spankings. We delight as her relationship with Marge buds, and she learns how to dish it out for foreplay every bit as hard as she was first forced to take it. And we experience through her eyes -- and bared bottom -- the stern flagellatory regimen of a Tuesday night 'judicial.' But the best -- and the worst -- is yet to come.

Down at Hard Ons, the town's working women's ballsy bar, Vicky confronts the depths of her physical and mental toughness while battling for self-respect as a competitor in the annual Top Cat wrestling and fighting contest. Finally, in the fullness of time, it is revealed that even these severe tests are but mere markers: confirmatory evidence of one woman's progress along a trail of inner discovery.

Come experience the timeless rites, the harsh beauties, and the painfully-driven-home meanings of life -- life as we've not yet known it -- After The Change.

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