TEA AT THE ST. FRANCIS by Donna Lynn White


An Exceptional FemDom Novel!

Prize-winning author Donna Lynn White's debut novel of masterful women and submissive men, The New Amazons, broke new ground. Now from her pen comes Tea At The St. Francis, which may be the genre's most profound, disturbing, and literary work since Venus in Furs.

White's Tea At The St. Francis is the story of three women with a passion for chastising and humiliating naked males. Their ultimate aim is converting the world from a patriarchy to a matriarchy in which women reign supreme. In their cause, these women wield a variety of implements, including hairbrushes and freshly cut switches, while other women watch and cheer.

Tea At The St. Francis is told in the form of an exchange of letters between Ellie Frick and Mary Lou Buller, both widows, following a tea at the St. Francis Hotel at which they renew their long-standing friendship. Ellie is astounded to discover seemingly prim and proper grande dame Mary Lou has, throughout the years, shared Ellie's passion for dominating men.

One story the women exchange dates back to the last days of the Civil War and shows how a group of Southern women deal with a five Yankee deserters. Another letter deals with God's gender and the advantage this gives to females. Mary Lou’s married daughter, Leah, also contributes two intriguing stories that depict her independent - but highly effective - efforts to assist Ellie’s revolutionary agenda.

Sibly Whyte, former editor of Fetish Times, writes: "Tea At The St. Francis is an exceptional femdom novel. The most original and intriguing one I have read in years. Not to be missed!"

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