"I went to the party specifically to find myself a new toy. Beel's Dungeon isn't just an interesting name for a bar. It's actually a working dungeon and they don't serve alcohol. When I got there at 9:30, the play space was still brightly lit. It'd be another 45 minutes before they dimmed the lights. The singles were doing that predatory roaming dance. I joined the line. Only a few couples were actually getting into anything interesting in the stalls. There was a lot of looking going on. This tall gal with an athlete's body kept gluing her eyes to mine and then looking away and giggling with her friends. I usually just play the game from a distance with that type, but I was in mood, ya know? So I went up to her and introduced myself. I watched her eyes get wide and her throat vibrate with a choked swallow. Her friends backed off so they could watch. She had a very short haircut, a sweet little baby doll mouth, and a thick, curvy body that made my mouth water. I held out my hand and she stared into it, then settled her palm lightly against mine. I wrapped my fingers around hers and headed for the stalls. She didn't try to pull away. I took that for a yes." —from the text.

Blake C. Aarens has already shown how brilliantly she can write BDSM short fiction with her amazing Wetting the Appetite—and with this, her second volume of short stories, she shows that she can be ever better!

"Stories so imaginative and playfully perverse as to shock even the most jaded, she shows her staggering ability to arouse, amaze, and astound." —M.Christian, author, Dirty Words.

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Blake C. Aarens is an author, playwright, poet, screenwriter, and former college theatre instructor. Her play, The Prince of Whiteness, was the Invited Play at the 56th Conference on World Affairs. Her solo performance piece, My Great-Grandmother Had a Sex Life, debuted at the "Have I Got a Story for You/Solo Performance Showcase" at The Studio Theatre, College of Marin. Excerpts from her erotic poetry collection Words on Fire appeared in the Milvia Street Art and Literary Journal. Her script, Still Life with Android, won a Judy Award for Achievement in the Thriller/Horror/Sci-Fi Screenplay division.

Blake is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse who writes award-winning erotic fiction. Her work has appeared in the Herotica series, Best Lesbian Erotica, Aché: A Journal for Lesbians of African Descent, Best American Erotica 1993, Penthouse Magazine, and numerous other anthologies.

Blake has seven letters after her name and more than two decades of teaching classes on everything from Principles and Theory of Acting (Laney College), to Dramatic Technique for Fiction Writers (Berkeley Story Workshop), to Writing Life’s Moments: The Craft of Personal Narrative (The Writing Parlor, SF), to How to Write and Read a Dirty Story (San Francisco Center for Sex & Culture).

Her first collection of stories, Wetting the Appetite, has been published by Sizzler Editions both as a paperback and an ebook.

She lives in the Bay Area with Kazimir, the Crown Prince of the Universe.



"The thing that stands out about Teaching Her Manners is that its thirteen stories are all original in concept and execution – no derivative phoned in plots or stereotyped characters here. The title of the book is borrowed from the first story rather than used as a unifying theme since the only thing common to these stories is sex, mostly with D/s components.

Author Blake C. Aarens excels at creating dynamic characters and scenarios and at maximizing erotic potential. And she gives readers a varied palette – first-time BDSM, ménage, animal play, magic, blood play, werewolves, vampires, lechery, dementia, science fiction, etc. – and keeps them engaged and looking forward to what’s coming next."

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