TESSA’S VISION [Free Spirit Series, Book 11] by Rikki de la Vega


An Exotic Dancer and the Free Spirit Movement Face Down Religious Bigots and the Mob

Tessa Cabrera, a strong, savvy young woman, has risen to become the top exotic dancer in the Stallbrook area. She loves her fellow dancers, mentors them, has their backs and does everything she can to make sure they are not abused or exploited. Tessa has long dreamed of starting a new kind of club, one where the dancers are in charge—but she also knows she could never raise enough money to do it. What she doesn’t know is that a powerful trio of strip club owners has something similar in mind. They call a meeting with Tessa and tell her they want to reopen the Foxy Ladies Gentlemen’s Club, and they want her to manage it. What they don’t want, however, is to pay her or the other girls a decent wage. Tessa knows they won’t take no for an answer—but she tells them no anyway.

Then, Tessa learns that her friends in the Free Spirit Connection, a sex-positive religious group in the area—including a lawyer, a labor organizer, and others—are willing to help make her dream a reality.

So Tessa, the other strippers, and her friends open The Blue Jewel in the heart of the city, operating it as a cooperative and using innovative gadgets to offer all sorts of sexy entertainment. Although she knows there will be opposition from the club owners, the "radical feminists" who are actually neither, and of course the religious conservatives, she doesn’t understand just how much danger she, the other dancers, and the Blue Jewel will face.

“Sex, philosophy and intrigue! The reader doesn't just go thru the lives of the characters but the city and the Free Spirit religious community, the author weaves them together beautifully. You can read each book in this series on its own, but I am definitely into reading the whole series! Sex and religion together are volatile topics. Vega makes this work with a fictional, sex-positive network of communities, Free Spirit Connection. Title character is strong, self-assured, going into relationships because she wants to, not to "fill some void". Very natural pacing, makes you not only believe it could happen, but want it to. I'm moving to the second book in the series.” —Amazon

“Plenty of hot sex mixed with great character portrayals.” —Amazon

“The prose sneaks up on you effortlessly. The subject matter, sex and spirituality today—can be incendiary. But here it is literary and philosophical as well.” —Amazon

“If you love erotica for thinking people, if you enjoy uninhibited sex scenes free of guilt, well-developed characters and a social message I'd hotly recommend you this book. I look forward to the next installments of the series.” —Goodreads

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