When Emma and Ernie Marteen were married, Emma had no clue what her wealthy husband needed to keep him balanced emotionally. Sent to analyst, Sandine Meraux, by her husband, Emma gets her first lesbian experience and with the slightly older woman.

Soon Emma takes Abigail Andrews, her husband's administrative assistant, as a lover. When Ernie learns his wife is intimate with Abigail, he fires her in a fit of rage. Finally Emma is drawn to fascinating saloon owner, former pickpocket and ex-con, Stella Picard - but when sexy, mysterious Geni Castine, enters Ernie's life, Emma's new found happiness, and her own life, are threatened.

For Geni wants Ernie, and his wealth, all to herself. Gini draws up a plan to kidnap Emma and force her to sign a divorce proceeding. It is a scheme that is intended to end with Emma's murder and disappearance.

Has Emma discovered life, only to lose it?

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Categories Thrill , Attraction - Lesbian , Attraction
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