THE ADMINISTRATRIX [The Office Trilogy 3] by N.T. Morley


Suzette hoped her craving for submission would be satisfied when she went to work for kinky magazine, Bondage.

But what happened at the Bondage office exceed her wildest dreams in volume one of this masterful trilogy, and exceeded her wildest nightmares of submission in volume two. But the climactic volume in N.T. Morley's exploration of humanity's deepest fantasies takes Suzette to an even more extreme level of submission when the arrival of a potential investor in Bondage, Inc., Mr. Girard, results in her being ordered to entertain Mr. Girard for the weekend. Suzette soon discovers the depths of Mr. Girard's sexual depravity.

But that's only the beginning: once Suzette yearned for bondage, now she wonders how much more of Mr. Girard's cruel domination she can possibly endure...

Cover: Jeff Fisher

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page N.T. Morley's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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