THE ADVENTURES OF AN ENGLISH MAID: The Enduring Classic by Anonymous


From English Maid to English Whore!

The rich didn't make it easy for poor young women in those days: if they wanted to keep their jobs, the female servants knew they would have to put out. Once the heroine and narrator of this novel figured this out, she figured she would get paid more for doing the same thing if she became a prostitute.

After many jolly carnal adventures of her own from caning to threesomes and more, the other prostitutes she knows are asked to detail their adventures at a drunken party, and they do. Don't miss this ultra-long novel from the classic days of British erotica.

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Categories Vintage , Submission , Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920
Author Page Sizzler Editions eBooks with Anonymous Authors

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