The Victorian Erotic Classic Concludes!

In the final volume of her enthralling adventures, the wealthy, experienced Lady Harpur describes what happens after her marriage into the upper-class of Victorian England. As the titled, privileged wife of a British peer whose professional duties often keep him away for weeks at a time, young Lady Harpur finds she has many lonely hours on her hands. Fortunately, the very attentive Lord Ferrars is available to help keep her entertained, and once she learns his reputation as a rake and a lover, Lady Harpur is more than willing to be entertained by him. Soon, she discovers her amatory willingness has made her the "hostess with the mostess" and the toast of Victorian society.

As sanctimonious and puritanical as they appeared on the outside, the men and women of the period made love in and outside of marriage, and lied about it, as often as they do today. Read about the seductive and erotic techniques of a misunderstood generation. Find out what really went on behind their closed parlor and bedroom doors!

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Categories Vintage , Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Submission - Kink, Fetish & Taboo

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