THE ANGEL OF ANTILIA by [Gadifriald’s Saga #4] by T. J. Lazier


The holy crusaders known as the Brotherhood of the Holy Sword are besieging the Northern realms of Stoneshoreland, Antilia, and Freyrland. Convinced their cause is right, the crusaders are determined to bring the true religion to the barbarous, wicked, pagan people of the Northland - even if they have to massacre every last man, woman and child do it!

And they have their god's nearly all-powerful winged angels from the heavenly realm to help them in their conquest. Our heroine Cari is trying desperately to gather the three northern realms into an alliance to resist the Brotherhood of the Holy Sword. But now she has been captured and chained by Carisha, a very amorous woman with pronounced Sapphic tendencies and a taste for dominating her slaves. Her companion in this quest, Gadifriald, has decided to aid Rosalia Sertorius, whose homeland of Antilia has been invaded by the Brotherhood and their avenging angels. Getting a three-way alliance to drive the invaders out of Antilia before it can use the nation and its treasury as a base for invading Stoneshoreland and Freyrland is essential. But even when he has an army to fight with, Gadi seems busier - and more successful - at getting into Rosalia's tunic. Meanwhile, dark magic and seemingly unstoppable enemy who seem to have divinely inspired miracles on their side are gathering.

Before very long, it seems as if Cari, Gadi, Rosalia, their companions, and countries only choice is whether to perish by the sword, sex, or sorcery.

If Robert E. Howard and Fritz Leiber wrote erotica it would be Gadifriad's Saga.

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