THE BEAR OF STONESHORELAND [Gadifriald’s Saga #2] by T. J. Lazier


Heroic Fantasy in the Howard-Leiber Tradition - With a BDSM Twist!

In this second chronicle of Gadifraild's Saga, Gadifriald Lokkasson and Carine Ariansdaugther's adventures continue a few weeks after the end of "Sorceress of the Misted Isle." The story begins with Cari a guest at the palace of Gadi's Lokkassson's grandfather where she learns interesting lessons about her own sexual nature from Fym and others. Gadi meanwhile is sailing home aboard the last ship to leave the Misted Isle and sighting the southern shores of Stoneshoreland spies a distress signal. Landing at a Skraeling village our hero learns that the mystical Great Bear of Stoneshoreland is attacking the village. After promising Cechen aid, Gadi spends time in the chief's daughter's arms before stalking the mystical bear creature in an epic hunt.

Thinking everything settled with the Great Bear Gadi returns home to find Cari his grandfather's mistress and Cari finds that Gadi has taken Cechen's daughter as his concubine. The two have a brief falling out but make up in a very kinky way. But Gadi's father becomes possessed by the spirit of the Great Bear and our hero save both his lover and his grandfather.

"The Bear of Stoneshoreland" explores more of Gadi's Skraeling heritage and the conflict between the supernatural forces of the Norse and the native gods of Stoneshoreland. It also explores Cari's dark sexuality and how she starts to come to grips with it. Don't miss this enthralling continuation of adifriald's Saga with interesting twists and turns as we learn more about Gadi and Cari and their destinies unfold.

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