THE BEAUTIFUL FLAGELLANTS OF CHICAGO [Flagellants Trilogy #1] by Anonymous


The Victorian Passion for Discipline!

This long-banned 1907 chronicle of scandalous goings-on behind the scenes of turn-of-the-century America has been acclaimed as an erotic and literary classic and an important historical document. Supposedly penned by Lord Drialys, a peer of the British realm, on a tour of the U.S., the book makes clear just how widespread and deeply rooted the pleasures and practice of bondage has been in this country.

In the course of his travels, Drialys visited three great metropolises: Chicago, Boston, and New York. In each city, he discovered the underground world of the caned and caner alive and well, and wrote a luridly descriptive book about it. Together they form the celebrated Flagellants Trilogy.

In Volume I, set in Chicago (which he calls "Porkopolis"), Lord Drialys finds himself the subject of birchings by several refined, handsome ladies. In Volume II, he visits Mrs. Palmerston of Boston, and other leaders of the town's aristocratic Puritan bluebloods, who induct him into the Flagellant's Club, where he plies the cane on a group of well-bred, wealthy women. In Volume III, all his dreams come true amid New York's 1900 caning scene.

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