THE BREAST DIVINE Translated by Eleanor Tremaine


A Newly Discovered Erotic Classic!

According to its translator, Les Loloches Divines or The Breast Divine is the third English translation of a great work of French Erotica published under the name Dominique Le Fouchat in 1879.

The Breast Divine is supposed to be a true story based on the life of Agnes Sorel, an actual mistress of King Charles VII of France. Many consider this seductress, possessed of all the erotic secrets of Eve herself, and she is still thought of in France as the most beautiful woman who ever lived. At the beginning of Le Fouchat's novel, Agnes discovers her destiny "is to rule a great nation." To do so, she must learn to give sexual satisfaction to many men, while remaining an intact virgin. In the book's opening section she does precisely that.

Next, Agnes makes herself the Kings's mistress in one of the book's the most erotically charged chapters. The sexual encounters between mistress and king that follows are the true center of the tale.

Here is a masterpiece of erotica in the mode of Fanny Hill and My Secret Life.

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