A Sexy Read for Fans of TV's "NUM3ERS."

Still grieving for his dead wife after three years, Dr. Martin Crowe, a mathematician specializing in chaos math, needs a new challenge for his avocation -- helping unusual individuals with unusual problems -- to pull him out of his malaise. Martin's sister invites him to visit her in New Orleans where she reintroduces the grieving man to a lover from his teenage years, Jill Henderson.

Old passions are rekindled. A renowned fashion model, Jill retired from modeling a few years back and now owns a string of boutiques. She qualifies as unusual, and she had an unusual problem -- her ex-husband is blackmailing her. Martin takes on the case and, using the Butterfly Effect from Chaos Theory and a little help from his friends, the adventure begins.

Sex, drugs, violence and love become players as Martin flutters his wings and creates chaos for Jill's ex and his band of pedophiles. Along the way, Martin falls in love again -- but not with his lover from the past.

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Categories Thrill , Intoxication , Intoxication - Contemporary Romance
Author Page D. F. Roberts' Sizzler Editions eBooks

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