THE CONFESSIONS OF GEORGINA: The Victorian Erotic Classic by Le Compte du Bouleau


The Virgin and the Birch Rod!

The Confessions of Georgina is a famous tale of flagellation and defloration such as only the Victorians could write, set against a rich tapestry of Victorian morality and featuring Georginia Barrington, the quintessential Victorian virgin introduced to the pains and pleasures of the birch rod, the whip, and the way of submission.

By effectually counterpointing Georgina's emotional reactions to her physical reactions, the author reveals Victorian morality to be a hypocritical sham. The Confessions of Georgina remains a major and lasting achievement in the literature of bondage and domination.

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Categories Vintage , Submission , Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Submission - Kink, Fetish & Taboo
Author Page Le Compte du Bouleau's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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