THE COTTAGE by Rory R. O’Neal


Dorothy, a forty-year-old, natural redhead, and buxom BBW, has returned to to live alone in her deceased parents' cottage.  A natural recluse, and extremely shy, Dorothy is noticed by Monty, a self-confessed "rogue," who finds himself taking a fancy to her -- and plans to seduce her.

Things do not work out as Monty expected, however, and he finds himself on the emotional receiving end of more than he bargained for. Having activated a hidden slutty, submissive side in the seemingly demure Dorothy, Monty discovers for the first time his own emotional vulnerabilities as he begins to fall in love with her. Then Monty's partner in crime, Charles, with whom he once shared all his sexual conquests, returns and, not realizing that Monty is serious about Dorothy, determines to take her by force if guile fails.

Can Dorothy and Monty keep their newfound bond in the face of his past and Charles' plans for the future?

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Categories Submission , Scorcher - Older Women & Younger Men , Scorcher - BBW , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
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