THE DAMN FOOL by David O. Dyer Sr.

Categories Scorcher - Getting it On , Scorcher
Author Page David O. Dyer, Sr.'s Sizzler Editions eBooks

A Compelling Novel of Romantic and Sexual Awakening!

In the process of converting his inheritance into cash, Lance Sayer visits the old Taylor farm, located near Hanging Rock State Park in North Carolina. With few exceptions, the community gives Lance a less than friendly welcome: Buddy Mabe, the town drunk, agrees to guide Lance to his inherited farm.

Lance not only falls in love with the stately log cabin and lake that are the centerpieces of the farm, but also with the gorgeous Toni Conners, who he discovers sitting at the end of a dilapidated old boat dock, fishing with a cane pole. Toni kindles Lance's passions, but Toni resists his lovemaking. He discovers Toni's reluctance to engage in a full blown romantic relationship is rooted in a secret from her past that fills her with a guilt complex, paralyzing her ability to be sexually responsive to any man.

A graphic novel of sexual awakening!

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