She Saved the Life of the Man who Killed His Father!

When his father is murdered, Hugh Baxter, a naive, young cowboy, swears he'll find and kill man responsible, Derby Dan Dugan. Riding the vengeance trail, Hugh follows the killer from Abilene to San Antonio.

In Texas he meets and falls in love with Amanda Klein, a widowed physician, eleven years his senior. Amanda sees the potential in the young cowpoke and persuades him to forgo revenge and become her apprentice, learning to be a doctor. Hugh agrees -- mostly just so he can be near her, falling deeper in love as he assists in her medical practice.

Then he learns Amanda had once saved Derby Dan's life. How can he follow a profession or love a woman who kept Derby Dan alive to kill men again and again -- including Hugh's own father? But Hugh's heart is torn even more when he begins to suspect that Amanda had once been the killer's lover.

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Categories Thrill , Intoxication , Intoxication - Historical Fiction
Author Page Don White's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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