THE DRAGON STONE [The Swordmage Cycle Book I] by T. J. Lazier


Magic, Swordplay, Romance and Erotica!

If you love Fritz Leiber's or Robert E. Howard's fantasy but wish the female characters were stronger and there was some sex once in a while, then The Dragon Stone is the fantasy you have been looking for!

When Gadwin, a swordmage, and Jaim Medario, both mercenaries, their cousin Avian Divcarry, a guardian or magical law enforcer, and a noble courtesan and powerful sorceress, Lady Nicholettia meet up an an inn called the Plumb Orchard they do not dream the role that fate has in store for them. The next day. Lady Nicholettia or Nicky overhears the rogue Guardian Narshavus Rolas scheming with a shaman to steal the immenseley powerful Dragon Stone. Then, Avian is magically seduced by the rogue Guardian and is then put under a sleep spell while after being warned of an attack on the Temple of Sevastion to steal the Dragon Stone, while Nicky accompanied by Gadwin and Jaim ride to the temple to give warning.

Ahead lies battle, love, fearful magics, death, and only the slimmest chance of success!

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