From the author of the bestselling The King's Dungeon and The Slave Queen!


When submission to the powerful wasn't a choice — it was the law!

The Duke has absolute power over all of his subjects. They are destined to submit to his power without choice. For those who resist, there is always the castle's dungeon...where nothing is forbidden. There, the Duke's women submit to all the demands an all-powerful man could conceive of—and his jaded lusts have no bounds. Be they innocent or guilty, it makes little difference.

The women can never fathom what will transpire next...but each time they submit, they find themselves more inextricably entangled in the dark sexual desires of those who control them. Will they ever escape the clutches of the powerful men and women who control their destiny?

Some, innocent in the ways of men and women, find serving the powerful has its own rewards—but they too are soon led down into the dungeon, and find themselves at the mercy of the Duke's twisted lusts.

Powerone brings you another novel of complete submission, this time set in 12th-century England when only the Duke and those above him have any semblance of freedom. Will the Duke's women find some means of escape...or will they find pleasure in the giving him and his powerful men what they demand?

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About the Author

The #1 Best Selling Author, he captivates readers by bringing them into the minds of both male and female lead characters. With vivid description and rich detail, Powerone draws readers into a world often found only in fantasy and leaves them aching for more. His bestseller, Bound for His Pleasure, has recently been issued in paperback.

Powerone resides at the beach in San Diego where scantily clad women forever perk his imagination.

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