THE DUNGEON [The Castle Trilogy III] by N.T. Morley


Tess, a millionairess, moves in the highest echelons of high society, with her husband Charles, who adores her. Tess is glamorous woman who hides a dark secret: Tess has fallen under the spell of Roland Girard, a man even more powerful and rich than her husband - a man determined to debase Tess as she needs to be debased.

Compelling Tess to have sex for money with random strangers as part of her "training program" to become his slave, Roland assigns her to crasser and rougher clients, and her pleasure is only heightened when Roland inspects her after she is used. But Tess suspects that Charles is also having an affair - and this only drives her into greater submission to Roland. But when Tess discovers that Charles's affair is not with some stranger but with another of Roland's slaves ordered by Roland to seduce Charles, it is more than she can take.

Fleeing from both Charles and Roland, Tess finds herself in a cheap motel on the coast. But greater humiliations await Tess. She receives a call from Max, and finds herself the victim of an abduction so cruel, so savage, that it makes the torments of The Castle look like a dilettante's playground. But as she is punished, tormented, pierced and ravaged again and again, Tess realizes that there are insidious forces at work - even more insidious than Roland's games of dominance.

Has Tess gone too far into submission, never to know any life but that of a broken slave, obediently servicing strangers without ever again knowing the slave's greatest pleasure - that of her beloved Master's presence?

Cover: Joel Wideman

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