Pity poor George Hartley: He’s eighteen, chubby, and no plans for the summer except to mope about in his parent’s house and rack up scores on his video games.

To his horror, his parents go off to holiday for the summer and pack him off his mother's Bohemian friend "Aunt” Mabel’s for the summer. Mabel writes bodice ripping erotic romance novels and spends her free time exploring the boundaries of pain and pleasure in the cellar "dungeon" with “rather dominating” companion, Major “Johnny” Bassington-Bassington.

As George’s appreciation of the buxom and physically ample Mabel awakens, she initiates him into what consenting adults might enjoy if time, money, inclination, and opportunity allow. What happens when George discovers the renovated basement at Aunt Mabel’s with its unique furnishings, worthy of the finest dungeons in Europe? What special equipment does Aunt Mabel keep in her chest of drawers beside the oversized bed?  What kinds of diverse diversions do the Major and his old friend “the Unspeakable Julian” get into when they invite friends over to sample the ample pleasures of the flesh of the Hartley clan, trussed up, shackled, and ready for anything?

A rousing odyssey of BDSM discovery for George and his voluptuous “aunt” as they sample the delights and punishments of the nobility in Merrie Olde England’s contemporary countryside.

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Categories Submission - Female Domme - Hetero , Scorcher - Older Women & Younger Men , Scorcher - Getting it On , Scorcher - BBW , Scorcher , Attraction
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