THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF CALAMITY JANE: Her Uncensored Life as Told by Herself by Eleanor Tremaine


Fans of TV's Deadwood Will Love This!

Here is Calamity Jane as she really was: pistol packing, bullwhip wielding, tobacco chawing, hearty swearing, horny, and very much bisexual. She can drive an ox team with her blacksnake and skin a pack of mules with her blistering profanity.

Look out Deadwood, Calamity Jane is coming to town! Deadwood, the toughest town in the West, and the Wild West itself are about to get wilder: Calam' has the hots for desperado Deadwood Dick, for gunman Wild Bill Hickok, even for faro-dealing Madame Moustache. Most of all, she can outshoot or out screw any man or woman in the West. And when somebody catches her fancy, who'd dare say 'No' to Calamity Jane when she has a hankering to bed 'em.

Only Eleanor Tremaine, author of The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood and The Erotic Adventures of Rad Dracula, could have captured Calamity Jane's authentic voice. In the first of this new series, Tremaine brings the West's most notorious woman to life in an unforgettable novel filled with sex, gunfights, and a behind the scene peek at the Old West as it really was.

As Calamity tells it, Swearengen was the good guy, and it was the hypocritical, sanctimonious Seth Bullock who had a finger in every dirty racket and game in town. By the author of The Erotic Adventures of Doc Holliday, The Erotic Adventures of Robin Hood, and other Erotic Adventures books.

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