THE EROTIC ADVENTURES OF KING ARTHUR and His Most Ribald (K)nights by Eleanor Tremaine


Meet Arthur, England's Sexiest King!

Here is the story of King Arthur and his knights the way it really was! Told from the Celtic, pre-Grail, pagan point of view. In this translation of what he claims is a little known Welsh saga, Eleanor Tremaine presents a rousing, erotic, roisterous, randy, ribald take on the loves and sexual peccadilloes of the legendary king, the knights of his roundtable, and the ladies and not-so-ladylike women they loved.

Here is King Arthur as he truly must have been, plus stories of knightly daring by day and delvings by night. Romantic, sexy, magical, there has never before been a book like The Erotic Adventures of King Arthur and His Ribald (K)nights

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