Beware Dracula's Sexy Blood-Sucking Sibling!

Dracula lives ... Rad Dracula that is - and he's picking up women at the hottest bars in Hollywood, then taking them home to teach them some new, er, very old tricks ... but they never complain.

One little bite and you stay young and keep your good looks forever. What's not to like about that? No wonder women are standing in line and stripping for the chance to spend even part of a night with old Rad. He's the brother of the Transylvania dude, Vlad, who gets such negative press. But the Hollywood crowd all visits Rad's castle high above Mulholland Drive in the Hollywood Hills. Rad Dracula may be a bit long in the tooth (he was born five hundred years ago) but no one in Hollywood can party as hearty as he does. Ask most of the actresses and starlets in town.

Join a naive young student who dares the Vampire Mash at Mailamunte Castle on spine-tingling Judas Cyrianus Day, and discover how Vampires swing for yourself!

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