THE EVOLUTION OF JOY and Other Erotica by Kerrie O’Keefe


First Ever Collection of Erotica by Kerrie O'Keefe!

The Evolution of Joy and Other Erotica begins with a complete short novel about a small-town woman named Joy who attempts to spice up her dreary life with group sex, but eventually discovers the true source of her sexual restlessness when she falls in love with a another woman.

This enthralling new collection is rounded out by "Open House," the story of a married couple who find their spark rekindled by an unlikely source; "Fingering," the tale of a skeptical young man and the woman he insists isn't a witch; and finally, "From Behind," a tale of sex in a doctor's office via the Bunz Procedure. Here is a uniquely stimulating group of stories packed with the humor, eroticism, and smooth narrative that characterize O'Keefe's erotic noir, The Family Strange.

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