THE FORBIDDEN CITY [The Swordmage Cycle Book III] by T. J. Lazier


More Sorcery and Sensuality in a World of Romance and Revenge!

In Tardan Doring, the Forbidden City, the swordmage Gadwin, the mercenary Jaim Medario, their cousin the magical Guardian, Avian Divcarry, and the sorceress Lady Nicholettia, find themselves embroiled in deadly duels and even deadlier plots. Searching for their mortal enemy, the sorcerer Narshavus Rolas, Avian and Nicky decide to work as courtesans to learn all they can from wealthy patrons. When the arrogant Prince Dristan, Prince Heir of Tardan Doring becomes infatuated with Nicky and orders her to the palace, she discovers Narshavus is the prince's most honored guest. Soon swordplay, magical seductions, and treachery bring the four friends face to face with death.

"T.J. Lazier has penned an extremely detailed story and introduced a lot of characters in this book. The sex is hot and detailed, and the characters believable. A hot fantasy book," writes Chat for

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Categories Encounter - Fantasy , Encounter
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