Signy Award Finalist for Best BDSM Writer!

From the bestselling author of Abducted - and Loving It!, an all new fantasy of women who love to surrender.

Alone in her apartment, Bambi enjoys chatting with Roger, her online "master:" He gives her self bondage instructions which she eagerly carries out. The feel of ropes and the sting of clamps turns her on, but Bambi craves the experience of true helplessness - cyber submission just won't - If only her online master didn't live thousands of miles away.

But Roger is closer to Bambi than he's let on ... much closer: he's been watching her, studying her, and he has plans for her that will give her a taste of helplessness beyond her wildest fantasies. Too late she learns that she is merely prey for the hunter.

Captured and spirited off to his hideout, Bambi is subjected to numerous torments and humiliations, and soon finds herself falling for the hunter who knows his prey so well. She wants to stay with him and serve him as his slave - but, has he been training her for himself or for someone else? What are the mysterious phone calls about? She searches his eyes for even a hint of warmth. Does the cruelest torture of all await her at the auction house?

As one reviewer described the work of this bestselling author: "A pleasure to read. A discriptive adventure. Was more than easy to picture the scenes as you read along. It was also easy to be able to get into the mind of the gals to almost imagine what thay were feeling."

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About the Author

Rod Harden is a mild mannered government bureaucrat by day, writer of smut by night. He lives in Ohio with his wife, two teenage sons and three cat—and not necessarily in that order. He began writing erotica on a whim, but soon discovered it was much easier when seated in a chair and using a computer. A prolific writer for Sizzler Editions, Rod has recently been concentrating on producing longer works for us—and for you!

Rod would like to assure the reader that he uses only the very finest, all-natural ingredients, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, even the occasional adverb. No grammarians have ever been harmed in the production of his stories.

Besides writing smut, Rod enjoys playing the classical guitar, trombone, and piano, although not usually at the same time.

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